Happy Birthday Your Majesty!


Everyone loves a party and the Queen’s birthday is proving to be a popular theme this year to many community events.Smartie Artie is joining in with all the fun entertaining  the children with shows and mix and mingle performance.


Isn’t it nice to see traditional attractions so typical of English fetes ,cake stalls,sideshows etc…and a bit of sun if lucky!

The Queen’s birthday adds a theme and a good reason to wave the flag!



Smartie Artie at the Mansion House

Smartie Artie once again had the pleasure of entertaining hundreds of children at the Lord Mayors children’s party.

It is always a super party with the children is the most amazing fancy dress. Star Wars seems to be the flavour of the month .Plenty of boys dressed as Darth Vadar and storm troopers!

Well we are into 2016 and of course Smartie Artie is attending the usual birthday parties . You don’t need hundreds of children for your child’s birthday party unless maybe you live in a mansion too!

Hi from the Smartie Artie team!

Hi from the Smartie Artie team!

Why not share a Smartie Artie party…

If you are having a party and you would like to share with a friend it is not a problem. Smartie Artie can split the attention between two birthday children and make a fuss of them both. It does get a bit more difficult with more than two.

Of course they would both be the star of the show and have super fun with Smartie Artie and their friends.

By sharing a party it is a way to split costs too.

And don’t forget midweek bookings for full 2 hour parties are less the Friday to Sunday.


Meet the Smartie Artie team!

Meet the Smartie Artie team!