Summer time party in the garden?

It’s a sunny day lets have the party in the garden…is it a good idea?

Entertaining children outside can be successful but does have a few drawbacks.

Distractions abound outside when you try to focus a group of children. From trampolines, swings and slides. Planes, helicopters and bugs invading the space too!

Smartie Artie has encountered all of these and more.

Just a quick story…

Smartie Artie was asked to entertain in a gazebo thoughtfully erected in the garden.

The weather can change in the space of 2 hour party and this has had some, shall we say interesting results.

All  the children where inside with Smartie Artie having a great time.

The heavens opened and the wind picked up …taking the gazebo with it!

Of course this is an extreme example of garden party disaster but things do happen outside you just can not predict.

To successfully entertain children you need their focus so any distractions can make it more dificult.

We have plenty of party tips on the website

If you need to discuss or get advice on your next party do contact us and we are happy to help.






well the summer is over…and

They are all back to school.

At the moment the Smartie Artie’s are busy with birthday parties and nurseries and has once again appeared at Center Parks Woburn too.

Christmas seems a bit of away off but we are booking for December so if you are planning a birthday party then don’t leave it to late .The schools and nurseries do take the date s very quickly.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts. The Sun is shining today . Not bad for late September!


Happy Birthday Your Majesty!


Everyone loves a party and the Queen’s birthday is proving to be a popular theme this year to many community events.Smartie Artie is joining in with all the fun entertaining  the children with shows and mix and mingle performance.


Isn’t it nice to see traditional attractions so typical of English fetes ,cake stalls,sideshows etc…and a bit of sun if lucky!

The Queen’s birthday adds a theme and a good reason to wave the flag!


Smartie Artie at the Mansion House

Smartie Artie once again had the pleasure of entertaining hundreds of children at the Lord Mayors children’s party.

It is always a super party with the children is the most amazing fancy dress. Star Wars seems to be the flavour of the month .Plenty of boys dressed as Darth Vadar and storm troopers!

Well we are into 2016 and of course Smartie Artie is attending the usual birthday parties . You don’t need hundreds of children for your child’s birthday party unless maybe you live in a mansion too!

Hi from the Smartie Artie team!

Hi from the Smartie Artie team!